Lifethe gift of our Loving Creator.

Lifeit is precious at all stages.  

Lifecreated in the image of God, who is Love—it has inherent dignity.   

Lifeit can be full of challenges.  At time we can face conditions that we would not have chosen for ourselves —difficulties that make no sense to us, and obstacles that may even appear to render our ongoing existence meaningless.  

Yet, throughout these trials, Life always retains its unique dignity.


Lifeis sacred and calls us to Love.


We at Human Dignity are committed to responding to the dignity of all human life from conception to death.   We are here to put our convictions into action —— including helping to build very different kinds of loving residential care facilities for the elderly, disabled and terminally ill.   








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Recognizing & responding with love to the dignity of all human life

from conception to natural death

Acknowledgement:   We thank award winning freelance photographer, Joseph M. Retikis, for the use of his photograph.  Mr. Retikis offers photographs for sale and dedicates a portion of the proceeds to Human Dignity. 

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Text Box: NOW OPEN —Good Shepherd Manor, a unique Adult Care Home located in Washougal.  

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