We have all visited a nursing home and felt that sinking feeling.   We know in our hearts that there must be something better.    Frequently two or three residents share a room, with nothing but a curtain between them.   While one resident sits on a commode, the other resident in the room has guests and there is nothing between them but a curtain.


All too often there are long delays in responding to call lights.   Many find it easier to clean a resident up when it is convenient than to take the time to stop, get them into the restroom and back out again.   But to the resident, having an “accident” is distressing.


We want to provide a better place.   A place where each resident has their own room and where we have staff and volunteers dedicated to providing Christ’s love to each resident.  


We want a place that feels less institutional, maintaining a home like environment while having the full range of services currently only available in a skilled nursing home.   Services that remain available to maximize each residents functioning throughout their stay.  


We are setting up quality adult care homes, like Good Shepherd Manor, that will offer each resident a wide range of services regardless of their economic status.   Ultimately, we plan to build a unique complex of care facilities on 5 acres (expandable to 10 acres) which have been made available to us — called Mount Saint Joseph’s Villa.   We need your help to make this care available.  


Love of neighbor, grounded in the love of God, is first and foremost a responsibility for each individual member of the faithful  ...       

                                                            Benedict XVI, Deus Caritas Est

Site for Mount Saint Joseph’s Villa



Phase 3 Goal We plan to build a unique complex that will provide a wide variety care for the elderly, disabled and terminally ill.  The project will be carefully designed to respond to the dignity of each resident.  For example, each resident will have a private rooms and toilets and we want every resident to have access to rehabilitative services, entertainment and social opportunities to enhance their life.  


At Mount Saint Joseph’s Villa, we will ensure that care is available regardless of ability to pay. 


Most importantly, it will be a place that brings Christ’s love to each resident.   To this end, all of staff and volunteers will be carefully selected and will be encouraged to spend time in prayer throughout the day.  To aid in this spiritual growth, our goal is to have a chapel at the center of the community.

Don’t they deserve something better than this?



A Better Place

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Mount Saint Joseph’s Villa

Good Shepherd Manor— a unique Adult Care Home

Our Phase 2 goal is finally a reality.  We have completely remodeled a home on 1.4.  Conveniently located in Washougal on the Washougal River, the grounds offer a tranquil setting for our residents and their guests to enjoy.   Each resident’s room will  be private with individual climate control, adjustable beds, cable service to flat screen TVs, and extra sound proofing.  We offer many services at this home, not usually found in adult care homes, particularly those available for low income residents.   These services will be designed to enhance their  lives both physically and spiritually.  As always, our staff and volunteers are carefully screened.  Love must be the foundation of all care provided which always respects the dignity of each human life. 





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John Paul II Center for Life


In addition to its educational work regarding the dignity of all human life at all stages, this Center offers meeting space to non-profits who reflect the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding the dignity of life from conception to natural death.  In addition, it houses a large bank of durable healthcare equipment to distribute to those in the community without cost.